Kangaroo light is the second child of Studio Banana Things, very different from the first one, the Ostrich pillow.
The brief was simple: designing a light to be carried in a bag. This field has already being explored in several ways but we decided to go a bit farther. We designed something more interesting than a lamp, we created a light friend that follows you everywhere.
The Kangaroo Light is soft  and easily portable. Its triangulated surface makes it flexible and lets you shape it in different ways. Kangaroo is made from two silicone cases that cover and electronic printed circuit with LEDs. To give you more freedom, it is charged through an USB battery.
Get ready to glow!

My role: Ideation, Design, App,

Visual Campaign Production 


To make the Kangaroo more fun and functional, we created a mobile app that allows you to adjust different settings of the light such as its brightness or pulse. It also includes an alarm and sleep mode so you can either fall asleep or wake up with it.
It is time to glow!