Ostrichpillow ® Light is the functional adaptation of the Ostrichpillow. It tries to reach a wider group of people that is used to travel often and needs to take a nap on the go.  Its the perfect companion when sleeping or awake.
The main characteristic is its portability and comfort due to its size and shape. Thanks to the soft fabric and elastic cord , that goes all around the pillow, it can fit everyone, from kids to adults.


My role: Ideation, Design,Pattern Development,
Production, Packaging

OSTRICHPILLOW ® LIGHT REVERSIBLE allows you to choose which colour you prefer with a really simple movement. You just have to turn it and pass the cord lock to the outside, so it doesn't bother you while you are sleeping! Easy and simple! Now it can fit better with your style.

Photographer: Alfonso Herranz 

Factory Process: