It is quite difficult to define myself, but I will try to do a short recap. 
My title says: Graduate in Product Design.
My passions are music and art. And I am very interested in people and space, and specially the interaction between them.
I was born in Calpe, Alicante, now really famous for Bofill buildings. I moved to Barcelona to study, and after several internships, one in a trend research studio and a second one in a product design studio. In 2013 I moved to Iceland to work in the fashion industry as an accessory designer. When the collection was finished, I had completely  forgotten how the sun looked like. 
After a short-trial period in London, I moved to Madrid to work as an “inventor/pillow” designer. It was a great and fun time, but after three years I was missing the sea, I was missing the blue horizon. That instinct feeling guided to my next movement: Barcelona (again).
Now, I am part of a POS and packaging design studio, and I also have my own little workshop to develop my art pieces and personal projects.
Please, any doubt, comment or project, I would love to hear from you.




04. 16 - Now | Aktiva Design
POS and Packaging designer

09.13 - 23-15 | Studio Banana Things 
Integral Designer

10.12 - 01.13 | Sruli Recht
Product Design Internship

06.12 - 09.13 | Jordi Canudas Studio
Product Design Internship

09.11 - 01.12 | Gloria Jover Studio
Colour & Trend Research Internship

2017 | Window Display & Visual Merchandising
LCI, Barcelona

2011 - 2012 |  Dressmaking & Pattern Design
Francesca Bonnemaison Institute, Barcelona
Construction of basic garments

2007 - 2011 |Elisava
Design Degree Industrial & Product Design


2017 - May | Nit de Mercats. Adidas

2016 - August | Sinapsis
ARTNIT Campos, Mallorca, Spain

2015 - August |AIGO - Pipasstudio
ARTNIT Campos, Mallorca, Spain

2014 - July |FortyFourten Installation
Bagni di lucca, Italy

2013 - Timming the wild
Bagni di lucca, Italy

Spanish: Native
English: Advanced Level


Concept Generation / Design Thinking
Product Developement
Art Direction
Photo Shoot Planning & Production
POS & Packaging