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For three years, I was part of the design team of Studio Banana. We developed projects following the design thinking methodology. We focused on the user, observing and understanding their needs to generate creative, useful solutions. Some of the products we designed received widespread recognition, such as the OstrichPillow Light, and Mini. Of course, on the way many versions never gained traction, like the OstrichPillow Junior and KangarooLight. 

Ostrichpillow® Light

The OstrichPillow Light was conceived as the little brother of the original OstrichPillow. Focusing on the traveler market, our goal was to improve comfort, and portability while maintaining the iconic style. 


Working directly with the factory, we developed several prototypes. After numerous iterations and subtle tweaks we found the perfect solution.


A three-band-pillow that could be adjusted around your head and neck, which was reversible allowing for color customization. 

Ostrichpillow® Mini

At the foundation of the project was careful observation. It was fascinating to see how people would frequently try to fall asleep while supporting their head, so we realized this would be key to our design. With this in mind, we began prototyping and testing straight away.


After almost 30 prototypes, we found a winner, a small pillow that fits onto your hand like a glove. We designed it with two openings, one to allow your palm to breath, and a second to slide it further up to your arm, as desired.

Kangaroo® Light

The brief of this product changed during development. We found it interesting to create a portable and adaptable light surface that could be used whenever and wherever.


On several levels this project was a huge challenge. The design hinged on the technology and manufacturing processes, requiring a continuous dialogue with the technical experts that consulted on the development.


The finished product was a triangulated surface made from two silicone cases that cover an electric printed circuit with LEDs. It's charged via USB to minimize the weight, and maximize freedom.

To fully customize the experience we designed an app to control the light, allowing users to apply different intensities and create their own modes, adapting to the users needs.

Read at your Own Risk

The final project I present here, was an epic challenge, to create 52 inspiring images in just 4 days.

Studio Banana wanted to produce a gift for friends and supporters in the form of a book containing quotes based on their own philosophy. Working hand in hand with Yuichi Kimura (photographer) we planned, developed, and organized the images, one by one, quote by quote.

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