For three years, I designed for Studio Banana.
Here you can see some of the projects I worked on.


How many times have you fallen asleep on your hand? How many times have you used your arms as a pillow? This is the inspiration behind the creation of this little cocoon. Small, compact and easy to be carried around, counting on it whenever and wherever you like.
OstrichPillow® Mini fits onto your hand as easy as a glove. It has an opening for your thumb and comes in one size that fits all. It can be used in different positions, you can keep it on your hand or you can slide it up to your arm. Choose your best way to take a nap!


Ostrichpillow ® Light is the functional adaptation of the Ostrichpillow. It tries to reach a wider group of people that is used to travel often and needs to take a nap on the go.  Its the perfect companion when sleeping or awake.
The main characteristic is its portability and comfort due to its size and shape. Thanks to the soft fabric and elastic cord , that goes all around the pillow, it can fit everyone, from kids to adults.


Kangaroo light is the second child of Studio Banana Things, very different from the first one, the Ostrichpillow®.
The brief was simple: designing a light to be carried in a bag. This field has already being explored in several ways but we decided to go a bit farther. We designed something more interesting than a lamp, we created a light friend that follows you everywhere.
The Kangaroolight® is soft  and easily portable. Its triangulated surface makes it flexible and lets you shape it in different ways. Kangaroo is made from two silicone cases that cover and electronic printed circuit with LEDs. To give you more freedom, it is charged through an USB battery. Get ready to glow.



This project was a challenge: Creating 52 inspiring images in 4 days was not an easy job!
Every year, Studio Banana shows its gratitude to friends and supporters through a book that contains inspirational quotes. This book emphasizes our philosophy and means a lot to us.
Inspired by JanFamily book, this project consisted of a series of images that contained the quote on themselves.