PLACE: Bagno di Lucca, Tuscany, Italy
TEAM: Eva Vera, Clara Romaní, Pau García, Arnau Tásies, Alexandra Requesen, Ana Huerta

4410 is the representation of the constellations that happen in Bagno di Lucca, Tuscany, the village where the art festival was celebrated. We found out that the night of the exhibition was the New Moon and the stars were going to be brighter than any other night.  We wanted to create this feeling of reflection between the space and the Earth.

The river became the place for the installation as both, the water and the Earth, seem static but are in continuous movement. To represent the stars we used Leds of 360 º plus batteries, sealed and tied in structured networks, creating a big circle of light.For several days, we were working building a huge network structure to place each light according with the drawing of each constellation. 

BLOG: http://fortyfourten.tumblr.com/