CLIENT: Adidas
COLABORATION: Ideas Agitadas

Conceptualization and design of two stages for the "Nit de Mercats" event, supported by Adidas.

The aim of the project was to connect the local markets and well-known brand by promoting their common attributes: they are both approachable and fun.  In order to do so, we looked at  the architecture of the buildings and some patterns and elements that we can find on each market.

The Ninot market is a recently remodeled market, with a metallic facade that creates  a game of lights and shades. Taking advantage of this motive, we looked for elements that also play with transparencies.  Therefore we used the typical market plastic boxes  and applied  pattern on them. We developed a big wall of blue boxes (Adidas brand-color) with fruits at the top, which gave a fun detail.

For the market of Santa Caterina, we wanted to emphasize the hexagonal motive and the colour of the roof. This roof looks like a  tablecloth covering the building, creating a feeling of protection. Therefore we decided to design a wood box that embraced the stage and hanged several hexagonal pieces, to give a touch of light and colour.