"It was the union of all elements, maximum density, the center, the one. Then comes the BIG BANG, the explosion of stars, the brightness that spread the ingredients, the magic in all directions. Creating time and motion, tides of galaxies, planets, rivers and seas of life.
Everything is star dust, although we are water masses, flashes in movement, echoes of the first explosion, we seek to immerse us in a joint and continuous connection.
The fact is that we are part of the whole. We see the horizon, the sky and the sea; aware that we belong to this immensity which makes us feeling great. That means, our body atoms come from that greatness also called infinitude.
Hence comes the light. We are its reflection."

PLACE: Campos, Mallorca
TEAM: Eva Vera, Clara Romaní, Ana Huerta

In this installation we recreated the unique moment of being under the sea. Where the time seems to stop and the sound of silence appears.  An inmersive feeling that makes you diconnect for at least for few minutes. 

The installation was on an empty cinema. The structure built was made of very flexible metallic layers ( polypropylene ) hanging from the ceiling that allowed us somehow to close the space and to create an intimate moment. . The cinema was transformed into a real "artificial" cave.

But the key of our installation was to get people involve. To  give them the impression of being surrounded by water, we asked  to turn the torch of their mobile phones on, so in this way they created reflections that filled the space.  The result was simply magic, water was everywhere.